Fancy numbers drive in huge revenue for Telangana RTA - 54 Crores in 9 Months

RTA coffers are overflowing this year as a result of the demand among automobile owners for unique registration numbers. The telangana State's Road Transport Authority has earned Rs 53.9 crore from the auction of these in-demand numbers in the three districts of Hyderabad, Rangareddy, and Medchal, even before the festival season sales begin. According to authorities, if things continue as they are, RTA would easily surpass its projected 2022 profits of Rs 72.7 crore. The most popular choices continue to be the well-liked 9999 and a Bond-inspired 0001, 0007, and 0009.
Even this year, some of the largest bids placed so far are for the number 9999. While an owner paid an astounding Rs 21.6 lakh for Khairatabad RTO's property in August, Kondapur RTO saw the same number sell for Rs 12.1 lakh. An man in malakpet spent Rs 9.9 lakh to obtain 9999. 0009 was yet another valuable number that made Khairatabad RTO extremely wealthy. The highest offer for this elegant number was 10.5 lakh rupees, which was sealed in August.
Many believe that the number nine is fortunate. The fact that 9999 adds up to 9 is quite appealing to automobile owners. According to a top RTA official, industrialists, building businesses, institutions, etc. prefer this number the most. This year, one day accounted for the majority of the RTA's revenue. "We witnessed 0009 sell for 10.5 lakh and 0001 being taken for 3.01 lakh in August, while 9999 sold for 21.66 lakh. We made a total of 53.3 lakh rupees on that one day, according to a top Khairatabad RTO officer.
Officials claimed that despite their values being significantly lower than those with a 9, many people are already buying for even random numbers. "People are placing bids on digits like 0269, 1223, etc. because they are celebrating the birthday of a parent or a kid. These bids are occasionally as little as $1,000 to $2,000, and frequently only one individual places a bid. The senior member of the Khairatabad RTO said, "All these lesser bids for two-wheelers and non-luxury autos also contribute to the earnings.

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