All 3 Telangana Congress MPs miss voting on Women’s Bill

All three of Telangana's congress MPs failed to cast a vote on the Women's Reservation Bill in the lok sabha, which was embarrassing for the party. The telangana Pradesh congress Committee (TPCC), which had previously denied it, finally conceded on saturday that revanth reddy, Uttam Kumar reddy, and Komatireddy venkat Reddy were unable to cast votes. In order to decide the candidates for the next assembly elections, the party's screening committee met with revanth, who is also the tpcc president, and the two other MPs.

When they returned to parliament, the Bill had already been voted on. The screening committee meeting and the Parliamentary session were being balanced by the leaders. The congress party's three MPs were criticised by the ruling Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) for declining to vote on Wednesday. It was said that the three MPs left the lok sabha during the key moment of the Bill's vote. The BRS said that the congress party's 'hypocrisy' on women's emancipation had once more come to light.

The leaders of the congress first disputed that any of their MPs were absent during the vote. The party later said on X that the MPs were unable to vote because they were representing the interests of the state. It stated it was unfortunate that this was becoming political. The statement states, "Our full support was given at the CWC meeting in Hyderabad, even though we weren't there at the time."
The party further claimed that in 2010, the sonia Gandhi-led congress administration introduced a law to grant 33 percent reservations without any restrictions (such as a census and the redistribution of seats after delimitation). The bjp administration has introduced the law with restrictions so that it does not take effect right away, even though it has the authority to do so at this time.
However, the congress party, led by sonia gandhi and mallikarjun Kharge, backed the legislation, adamantly maintaining that it was Rajiv Gandhi's dream and congress party policy. The party brought up how the congress MPs defended telangana state in parliament and endured pepper spray attacks. According to the complaint, kcr did not even bother to see the MPs who were hospitalised as a result of the pepper spray.

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