Telangana - Osmania University bans cake cutting and feeding pigeons

Cake-cutting and pigeon-feeding will no longer be permitted in front of or on the grounds of osmania university Arts College. Cake cutting has been outlawed by the university to preserve the ancient Arts College's cleanliness and hygienic conditions. Pigeon feeding is prohibited because the birds' low flight poses a risk to drivers.
Lately, students have begun throwing trash around and cutting cakes in front of the college building and grounds to celebrate birthdays and other holidays. Authorities were worried about the safety and security of the female students who were taking part in these late-night parties. According to a senior official speaking to india Herald, "the university has banned cake cutting and other celebrations in the premises" since the Arts college is becoming a popular tourist destination.
A dynamic lighting system, which cost Rs. 12 crore and was supported by the union ministry of tourism, was recently unveiled to turn the Arts college campus into a popular tourist destination. Additionally, a sound and laser display will soon begin. The university has opted to turn off all of the lighting in the college grounds due to the late-night nature of the birthday celebrations, in addition to providing enough university security officers. The person said, "We'll also enlist the assistance of the police."

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