Congress has posted a number of posters on social media platforms alleging telangana chief minister and Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) K Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) and his family of corruption as the telangana Assembly elections draw near. For the past three days, congress has been posting similar flyers, especially on the microblogging platform X, criticising kcr and his family.
The most recent one is similar to the well-known Netflix series Money Heist. The poster for the Pinkflix telangana Heist features kcr, his daughter Kavitha, who is an MLC, and son KT Rama Rao, the IT Minister. "Recommendations for weekend binges!" telangana congress posted on X about the frauds committed by the Kalvakuntla family on Pinkflix.
In the past, the congress also issued a poster with KCR's image on it and the words "just loot it" that looked like the logo for the well-known shoe company Nike. The congress stated when releasing the poster on X that "Legendary accomplishments aren't accomplished with regular people. kcr created a party and hired leaders who had degrees in "looting money" as a result.

They have taken no short cuts, demonstrating that they are the best "Just Loot It" champions! Examples include the kaleshwaram project, Mission Kakatiya, and even organising test paper leaks.

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