Telangana BJP's KCR countdown clock stops functioning

The BJP's "KCR countdown clock," which was constructed on the party's state headquarters compound wall and was inaugurated amid great hoopla in june of last year, has been inactive for some time. The party stated it would keep track of the number of days until the BRS administration in telangana took office. The clock was a component of the BJP's "Salu Dora-Selavu Dora" campaign against chief minister K. Chandrashekar Rao and was unveiled at a time when bandi sanjay kumar, the state's bjp president at the time, had succeeded in igniting passion for the party that even the national leadership had taken note of.
Interestingly, the countdown function has been removed from the BJP's online "Salu Dora-Selavu Dora" campaign. No one in the bjp knew why the clock wasn't working when asked. Some people claimed that there was an electronics issue.  A senior party leader said, "We have much bigger issues to deal with and problems to tackle than worrying about a display clock."

The senior stated, "We are yet to get our house in order, get our candidates finalised, and launch an effective campaign," in reference to the assumption that the bjp is no longer in competition for the next assembly elections and is falling behind the congress and BRS parties. The least of our concerns is the time.

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