Hemant Soren’s first reaction on Women Reservation Bill...


jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren said on women Reservation Bill, I always stand in favor of women’s

rights. As soon as this bill came, it has become a topic of discussion all over the world. Especially regarding

its name, whereas this is Women’s Reservation Bill. cm said, today women are standing as equal partners.

Naturally, it is the responsibility of the government to give them rights. I am in favor of women getting rights.

Soren said that there is a three-tier system in our state, in which we have given 50% reservation to women, but

more women get elected than this. jharkhand is also the third-fourth state in the country in which women have

the highest participation in the Legislative Assembly. State governments are working at their own level. There

should be something like this at the country level also, in which things should come clearly for women. Do

not bring anything that has a hidden agenda.

Why was this bill brought at the time of lok sabha elections?

This bill has been brought when lok sabha elections are near. When the state government gives rights to the

public, some people call it distribution of freebies. Now what should we call this step of the Central

Government? cm said that the issue of women will have to be taken forward with a holistic idea by taking

everyone together, only then it will be meaningful. cm said that since independence, many laws and many

rules have been made in the country. I come from tribal community. There is talk of ST-SC reservation in the

Constitution. Where are the tribal Dalits located today should also be a topic of discussion.

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