Keshav Prasad Maurya lashed out at Gehlot government?


Rajasthan’s third Parivartan Sankalp yatra concluded in jodhpur after 18 days. The chariot of Parivartan yatra was

given a grand welcome in Jodhpur. Joined the Parivartan Sankalp Yatra. Along with him, assam Chief Minister

Himanta Biswa Sarma and deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh were on the chariot. Keshav prasad Maurya

remained. The march later turned into a meeting at gandhi Maidan.

Uttar Pradesh deputy chief minister Keshav prasad Maurya, while talking to ABP News, fiercely attacked the

Gehlot government and also claimed that in 2013, when bjp had taken out a Rath yatra, bjp had got 163 seats.

This time bjp has taken out a four-rath yatra in the state.

The people of rajasthan are upset with the Gehlot government, which has made rajasthan a den of corruption and

criminals. The sister and daughters are afraid of leaving the house. The people of rajasthan should clean up the

congress by winning 200 seats. When yogi ji's government came to power in Uttar Pradesh, one lakh miscreants

surrendered. women or those doing any kind of mischief are immediately punished. Similarly, our bjp government

is in Rajasthan. If it is possible then the criminals should be selectively punished.

deputy chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Keshav prasad Maurya said that now preparations are on for the departure

of the congress government in Rajasthan. Strict action is being taken against crimes in UP. Same thing will happen

in rajasthan if bjp government is formed. Union Jal shakti minister gajendra singh shekhawat said that the

congress government of the state is incompetent and useless. It could not provide security to women. Could not

provide employment to the youth. Law and order broke down. Now the public has decided to change the Gehlot

government. Through this transformation journey, this resolve has become stronger and stronger.

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