What did the Saudi Crown Prince say on nuclear weapons?


Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince and prime minister Mohammed bin salman has taken a jibe at iran and talked about

acquiring nuclear weapons. In an interview given to Fox news Network on Wednesday, he expressed concern

about iran making nuclear weapons. He said, If iran makes nuclear weapons, we will also make nuclear weapons,

because balance of power is necessary. Saudi Arabia’s newspaper Saudi Gazette has also published this interview

prominently. The newspaper has given more importance to Israeli-Saudi relations. Talking about the dangers of

nuclear weapons, Mohammed bin salman says that the world cannot experience another Hiroshima. He said, If

any country develops nuclear weapons, it is a wrong step, we are worried about such things.

What did you say on relations with Israel?

Asked about efforts to normalize relations with Israel, Saudi Arabia’s Crown prince also rejected reports that

saudi arabia has halted talks. Regarding such things he said that this is not true. Regarding relations with Israel, he

said, day we are getting closer, it seems like it looks serious for the first time. We will have to see how it

goes. Emphasizing that his country can work with Israel, saudi arabia does not care whose government is in


What did the Crown prince say about relations with India?

During the interview, saudi arabia Crown prince Mohammed bin salman was asked a question regarding the

agreement of India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor in the G20 delhi Summit. On this, Prince salman said,

Through this economic corridor, india will connect the Middle east and europe and this will save time and money.

He told that with the construction of the corridor the distance to europe can be reduced by a few days.

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