Are BJP’s expectations from Jyoti Wardha justified?


However, a senior journalist, on condition of anonymity, said that BJP’s expectations from Jyoti Mirdha are wrong.

He said that Jyoti has been away from the general public for a long time and remains busy in her corporate work. In

such a situation, the public’s connection with Jyoti is not saved. Whereas Jyoti had cashed in on her grandfather’s

name in the 2009 lok sabha elections, but in 2014 and 2019 she could not win even by cashing in on his name. In

such a situation, if bjp is expecting from him then it is difficult to fulfill it.

When we talked to senior journalist Shripal Taktawat on this issue, he said, "There is enmity between Jats and

Rajputs in Western Rajasthan. Nathuram Mirdha and kalyan Singh Rajput did the work of dividing these two,

Nathuram Mirdha was a supporter of Jats. He was a big leader and kalyan Singh was a big leader of Rajputs. But

when Hanuman Beniwal started politics, a situation of conflict was seen between these two castes. In such a

situation, Jyoti Mirdha can remove this conflict. Also, people like Mirdha family. even do.

She further said, Now it remains to be seen who bjp will be able to associate with the Kalvi family. Because the

alliance formed between Nagaur and the Kalvi family in 1990 was very effective and both the families are liked by

the people. If the Kalvi family If anyone is associated with it, its impact can be seen not only in Nagaur but in entire

Western Rajasthan. Hanuman Beniwal is considered a grassroots level leader who is present on every occasion.

Hanuman Beniwal is the kind of leader who At one time, Nathuram was considered a Mirdha. But if the Kalvi

family and the Mirdha family unite, it will definitely have an impact. However, the cards are not yet open as to who

is going to join the bjp from the Kalvi family.

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