CP Joshi called Gehlot government anti-women- girls are not safe


Rajasthan bjp President and Chittorgarh mp CP Joshi said on Nari shakti Vandan Bill in the lok sabha on

Wednesday (20 September), This is not a slogan but a resolution which will reach accomplishment. Modi

government has always taken important decisions towards giving respect to women. With this bill, women will

truly get respect and rights. He further said, The newly built temple of democracy has been inaugurated with

the Nari shakti Vandan Bill. This is just the beginning, many things will be unprecedented and decisive from

here. This building will write the new destiny of India. CP Joshi said that women power has been respected in

our glorious history, culture and eternal tradition. Mother and country are like heaven for us, we also praise

Mother India.

Many women in india have ruled their states. nayaki Devi’s army of gujarat has set an example by defeating

Mohammad Gauri. Our prime minister narendra Modi and home minister amit shah also come from the

same place, under their rule no one can dare to look at india today.

Attack on ashok gehlot government

CP Joshi said that this bill has not come for so long, the opposition is responsible for it which is giving false

arguments to hide its sins. For so many years only slogans and promises came, the public was misled. Prime

minister Modi does whatever he says. Therefore, if the people of the country have unwavering faith in any

person, then his name is narendra Modi.

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