Minister countered Kamalnath’s statement on CM Shivraj


In Jabalpur, madhya pradesh, former chief minister kamal nath has made a direct attack on cm Shivraj

Singh Chouhan. He has said that no bjp leader or party worker is ready to bring forward the data-face of Shivraj

Singh as the chief minister, whereas the congress wants the bjp to project shivraj singh chouhan as the

Chief Minister. bjp has also given a befitting reply to this attack. During a discussion with the media in Patan,

Jabalpur, former chief minister and State congress Committee President kamal nath said that corruption is at

its peak in Madhya Pradesh. The people of madhya pradesh are either victims of corruption or witnesses.

kamal nath said, bjp leaders are not ready to bring forward the data-face of shivraj singh chouhan as CM. Till

now no bjp leader has said that shivraj singh chouhan will be the data-face of the chief minister in Madhya

Pradesh. He said that BJP’s The leaders are ashamed to project Shivraj Singh Chauhan as the data-face of the CM.

He alleged that in the election year, chief minister shivraj singh chouhan is making false schemes and the

speed of making his announcements has also doubled.

BJP’s counterattack

While Shivraj government’s Higher education minister Mohan Yadav targeted kamal nath and said that there

is no need for him to worry about the Bharatiya Janata Party. He said that he himself is calling himself the data-face

of the Chief Minister’s post, but no leader or worker from the congress side is ready to accept him as the data-face

of the Chief Minister. Mohan Yadav also said that the popularity of chief minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan will

be visible to kamal nath after the election results. congress is only copying BJP. congress has no agenda of

its own.

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