Telangana Hyderabad New Vande Bharat Trains have more Luxury Features

To make the travel experience more comfortable for the passenger, several technological changes were incorporated into the new Vande Bharat Trains. Currently, 25 Vande Bharat Trains are being operated across India. Of the total, two run between secunderabad – tirupati – secunderabad and secunderabad – Visakhapatnam – secunderabad with nearly 120 percent patronage. “Several improvements have been made to make these trains more comfortable, safer, aesthetic and energy efficient,” a press note release said.

Improvements like enhanced seat recline, plush cushions, and improved accessibility of the mobile charging point underneath the seats were made in response to passenger feedback. The addition of a securing point for Divyangjan passengers' wheelchairs in Driving Trailer coaches, an increase in wash basin depth to prevent water splashing in restrooms, improved restroom lighting, and an improved hammer box cover for quick access in an emergency were also incorporated.

Other features include improved air tightness for better air conditioning with insulation over panels, hinged transparent door assemblies for the fire extinguishers in coaches to have better visibility in case of emergency, and smooth touch controls for luggage rack lights by switching from resistive touch to capacitive touch.

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