Property worth lakhs was gutted in Two Fire Mishaps in Telangana Hyderabad

In two separate fire incidents that were reported in the early hours of Wednesday, property worth lakhs was destroyed. On Wednesday, a large fire broke out at the OTK transport shed-cum-godown next to the Sai baba temple in Chaderghat at around 12.30 am. By 12.55 am, four fire trucks and 16 fire fighters had been dispatched to the area. Firefighters acted quickly to remove over eight families who were residing in huts next to the transport facility.
According to praveen Kumar, station fire officer (SFO), Gowliguda, "a fire tender sprayed water on the eight huts while two were used to extinguish fire at the godown and a fourth sprayed water on five loaded trucks parked nearby."  According to him, the fire was spread by various tightly packed packages that were within the shed and contained clothing, chemicals, plastic toys, and other combustible items.
All adjacent roads were blocked by police while the firefighting operation was taking place. After it was put out, the fire service and police officials arranged for a JCB to remove the burning goods and dump them on the opposite side of the area, according to praveen Kumar. The SFO stated that saving the hut residents and taking charge of the situation to stop any additional damage were their top concerns.

"At around 12.15 in the morning, I heard a loud boom and left my hut. I observed sparks emanating from a nearby electric pole where a live wire had broken and fallen over the godown's sheets. P. manjula stated, "After a few minutes, the entire godown caught fire. fire tenders were dispatched, and police officers quickly moved us to a safer location.
J. Seetamma, a labourer, said, "The fire fighters not only saved our lives but our clothes, utensils, and other material by their timely rescue act." M. Gopal Rao, who was also removed from his hut, expressed this opinion. Sparks from an electric pole apparently caused a short circuit, which led to the fire, according to the police, which started when they landed on the thatched roof of Mohammed Ismail and Thakur's godown.

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