AIADMK is not in alliance with BJP: Jayakumar warns..!?

Former minister Jayakumar has announced that AIADMK is not in alliance with bjp and can decide on alliance only at the time of election. AIADMK members protested against bjp state president Annamalai's speech about Reverend Anna, now, AIADMK is not in alliance with bjp, former AIADMK minister D. Jayakumar announced. Talking to reporters, Jayakumar said, "AIADMK is not in alliance with BJP. This is the decision of the party leadership. If annamalai does not stop criticizing our leaders, AIADMK will retaliate. If annamalai contests alone, he will get votes only under NOTA. annamalai does not respect the dharma of alliance." bjp has no tomorrow; Then how can the leg be planted? bjp is unnecessary burden for AIADMK. Slamming the bjp, Jayakumar also criticized annamalai saying that the party leadership has decided that there is no need for the BJP. "Annamalai is not fit for politics; she is not fit for the post of bjp president; annamalai who criticized Anna can no longer be accepted. A little fox howls at the crowd of lions; if she does not stop slandering annamalai, criticism will fly on Annamalai. If annamalai criticizes AIADMK leaders, how will the volunteers work in the elections?" said that.

Recently, bjp state president annamalai, speaking at a program, mentioned that Muthuramalingath Devar objected to the rational comment made by Reverend Anna and after that Anna apologized to Muthuramalingath Devar. Due to this, the conflict between AIADMK and bjp has become intense.

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