Opposition Parties Clash on Parliament's Last Day.!

Sindujaa D N
Monday was the last day in the old Parliament. prime minister Narendra Modi gave an emotional speech and said that there are many experiences, sweet memories and sweet feelings in the 75-year-old Parliament House. A big number also said that many people came to Parliament and offered their services. Meanwhile, the bjp wanted to spend the last day of the Parliament happily reminiscing. 

However, criticism came from the opposition. Meanwhile, even from ap, it is remarkable that the two parties have tried to keep the old feud alive without wasting even the last day in the old Parliament. tdp has said that they will mention the arrest of Chandrababu in the Parliament. mp galla jayadev mentioned it. It was alleged in the lok sabha that Chandrababu was arrested without following any rules and procedures in AP. 

He also said that even today they are unable to prove Babu's crime. On the other hand, YCP's lok sabha leader Midhun Reddy, on the other hand, countered that, saying that Babu had escaped all these days with stays, and now he has been found in this case, that everything is going on legally and there is no illegality in it. But when galla jayadev was speaking, ycp mp Bharat repeatedly interrupted him. Also, when mithun Reddy was speaking, the tdp MPs hit a barrier.

 The tdp MPs raised a loud voice when mithun Reddy said that the issue in ap is to be put in the Parliament, but why do this in the issue in the court. As a result, those in the speaker's place tried to cool down the last day, in this old building, why the controversy, but no one listened. On the whole, they say that even on the last day of the old parliament, ycp tdp dish dish continued like that. Satires say that they have definitely continued their disputes in the parliament. 

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