Telangana Hyderabad - City goes Mumbai way with Aagaman culture

Even before Chaturthi officially begins, the city of mumbai is engulfed in the 'Shri Ganesh Aagaman' culture as devotees welcome their favorite deity with vibrant processions, gorgeous illumination, and music. To welcome Bappa into their pandals and dedicate themselves to the celebration for the following 10 days, the city's planners are seen organizing massive processions. Many people attend the festival to demonstrate why their Bappa idol and procession are the greatest. The procession used to only involve immersion, but during the past several years, the city's latest fashion has been the Ganapati Aagaman.
In the past week, as Bappa has entered the pandals, areas like Ramnagar, Asifnagar, Mallepally, Secunderabad, Gowlipura, and Begum Bazar have seen the vibrant Aagaman. According to Gogikar Shlok of the Blue Star Friends Association in Secunderabad, planning for the following year begins immediately after the immersion. "We discuss how the idol should be set up, how the procession should proceed, and what the group's role should be as we plan for the upcoming year. The fact that Bappa is a part of our daily lives makes us feel blessed. It's like god is here with us," Shlok stated.
The pandal organizers claimed that mumbai residents have a unique flair for festival celebrations and that Aagaman is a major popularity. According to K adarsh Kumar, another pandal organizer, as thousands of devotees swarm the streets on the last day to say goodbye, they are also participating in greeting Bappa. hyderabad is currently catching on to this trend. adarsh claimed that, in addition to installation and pooja, the parade on the final day of the event is its best feature. This is my favorite holiday, which we commemorate with meticulous preparation.
"In order to avoid the last-minute price spike, we must make all reservations in advance. All of the pals contribute without being pressed to do so. people willingly pay money instead of being forced to do so because everyone wants their neighbourhood. When people snap photos and videos of our group, Ganapati, it gives me the most joy, said Adarsh.

The city, which has witnessed Aagaman processions over the past two weeks, will now spend the next ten days immersed in devotion with events like "Samuhik Aarti," "prasadam," and "Annadanam" throughout the festival.

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