All tanks filled with water in Telangana

All tanks in the State, according to Welfare minister Koppula Eashwar, are kept full with water throughout the year. chief minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao's vision was the sole thing that made this feasible. On Wednesday, the minister took part in Irrigation Day festivities held in Dharmapuri as part of telangana Formation Day.
Speaking at the event, eshwar stated that the shortage of irrigation water and enough power had made it difficult for farmers in unified andhra pradesh to plant crops. Farmers who were unable to continue farming used to move to other States in quest of jobs. There were also instances of farmers killing themselves because they were unable to pay off debts accrued through their agricultural endeavours. However, after the creation of the distinct telangana state, the situation has altered. The Chief Minister's building of irrigation projects has transformed dry area into lush pastures. Participating in the festivities were DCMS Chairman Yellala Srikanth, Municipal Chairperson Sangi Sattemma, and others.
District collector K Shashanka stated that the State government was making every effort to use the water by refurbishing tanks, building projects and lifting irrigation schemes for the benefit of the farming sector under the visionary leadership of chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao.

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