Telangana Creates 44% Of IT Sector Jobs

The fact that telangana has recently seen enormous growth in the infrastructure and IT industries is without dispute. Here is a recent statistic that demonstrates this idea. The IT sector in telangana is expected to increase by an astounding 31.44% between 2022 and 2023. One of the highest totals in the nation's IT industry is the staggering Rs 2,41,275 crores in exports from the telangana IT sector. telangana alone has contributed to 44% of the 2.9 lakh IT jobs that india has added in the aforementioned timeframe, adding 1.27 lakh new positions.
Without a doubt, Telangana's IT sector has seen incredible growth, notably in Hyderabad. The statistics support this. There's more to it since major corporations like Foxconn and amar Raja Batteries aim to establish factories in telangana in the near future.
Hyderabad hosted the 'Lakes growth Programme' launch, where telangana Minister K Taraka Ramarao talked about Hyderabad's growth and the importance of HMDA. He made notice of Amaravati's lack of activity at that time. "With 7000+ Kilometres, hmda is the largest Urban Development Authority in the nation. For a short while, amaravati in andhra pradesh had the largest Urban Development Authority, however there are now no operations taking place there. Therefore, hyderabad will continue to have the largest Urban Development Authority in the nation, according to KTR.

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