An Initiative by Two Children on World Environment Day-2022

Underscoring the importance of contributing to Environment in a positive way, two students of FAIPS (DPS) kuwait had initiated “Cycling and Walking” Campaign. Ms. Sai Harshita Adivi, studying in Class XII and Mr. Sai Ishan Adivi, studying in VIII in DPS kuwait had taken initiative and put their efforts in bringing their friends and well-wishers to join them in this positive step.

In line with the theme of this year World Environment Day-2022 i.e. “Only One Earth”, they have collaborated and invited all like-minded people to join this Cycling and Walking Campaign on 3rd June, 2022 to showcase their efforts in reducing pollution on this planet. Their friends, well-wishers and others from neighborhood community came forward and contributed their participation by joining hands in this drive.  Around 25-30 personnel joined them in this Environment initiative. All together, have put 35 Km. – 40 Km. in these efforts and directly add in their efforts in reducing pollution without using the fuel driven cars. Various professionals, who have joined in this campaign, appreciated the Children for their enthusiasm and service to the Environment.  School Teachers have extended their appreciation to both their students for this initiative taken in support of a positive change towards Environment.

Furthermore, Sai Harshita Adivi had been invited by American Society of Safety Professionals, kuwait Chapter for sharing “Students Perspective on World Environment Day” during their World Environment Day celebrations that were held in Hotel Safir on 5th June, 2022.  During her talk in the event, Ms. Harshita underscored the voluntary efforts by one and all to preserve this wonderful planet having flora and fauna.  She shared her practices that were initiated with her and brother that includes beach Clean-Up drive that was done during WED-2021.  She firmly believes that ‘Every Little Deed Matters’. During her talk, she invoked Hon. Prime Minster of india showing respect for nature is an integral part of their culture. She briefly shared important takeaways that were drawn from COP-26 held in Glasgow last year.

 Moreover, she shared that she took inspiration from Shri Sadhguru Ji quoting “Taking care of the environment is not an obligation – our environment is our life”. She has volunteered through participation in “Save Soil” Movement which has been initiated by Sadhguru Ji this year and requested all attendees and children to understand the importance of such global campaign and consider volunteering in this campaign, if not done yet.

These event have been registered in .At the end of Cycling and Walking Campaign, both the Children extended sincere thanks to each one of attendees including their friends and little ones who came forward in making this environmental campaign a successful one. Ms. Harshita extended her thanks to ASSP kuwait Chapter for its constant support, encouragement and for giving her an opportunity in this important event to express her views.


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