When will Indian Consulate in New York issue a clarification on the OCI renewal?


Washington sources stated that in view of the inconvenience data-faced by the diaspora having OCI card in the US, an eminent Indian-American social activist has urged the government of india to extend the date of its renewal till december 31.


The Overseas Citizen  of india (OCI) card, among other benefits, allows multiple entry, multi-purpose life long visa to an Indian-origin foreign national to visit India. In december, the Ministry of home Affairs' Foreigners Division issued an office memorandum directing the relevant government agencies and airlines that Overseas Citizen  Of  india (OCI) card holders not between 20 and 50 years of age and who have renewed their passport can travel to india as long as they also have in their possession their old cancelled passport.


They were given time till june 30 to renew their OCI card.

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