Microsoft campus to surprise employees with a Cricketing Field


San Francisco sources have reported that Microsoft’s Indian born CEO Satya Nadella, who learnt leadership values and survival instinct while playing cricket in India, now wants his workforce to replay his past at the company’s upcoming revitalized campus. Meanwhile as part of a plan to overhaul its 500 acre campus in Redmond, Washington State, Microsoft will start a multi-year project in 2018 to create 18 new buildings, alongside new public spaces, transportation and, a world-class cricket field.

Previously Cricket players already have been coming for years at Microsoft, negotiating their way onto softball diamonds and soccer fields to play their sport. But in a few years, they will have their own field of dreams an oval, wicket and stumps that reflect the growing influence of employees.

Moreover the renderings of the new Microsoft campus reveal a surprising, oval-shaped ground with a wicket in the middle next to a lush green soccer field. Further the cricket space, located where Microsoft Buildings 5 and 6 presently stand, is currently envisioned to be about 250-feet by over 320-feet, but there is also room to expand.

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