Indian diaspora group organizes inaugural ball by January ’17

Sekar Chandra

Washington sources have stated that an Indian diaspora group will organize an inaugural ball for the 45th President of the US in January 2017 to highlight the importance of Indian-American community in American politics.


The event organizers have said top US lawmakers and possibly the president elect him or herself, the second presidential ball being organized by Indiaspora on January 18th would signify the emergence of this small but powerful community in a big way.


The eminent Indian-American investor and philanthropist M R Rangaswami has said that this would be a bipartisan event to celebrate the success and significance of the Indian-American community and to welcome in the new administration and has hoped that with community support, the second presidential ball might see the attendance of the new president and vice president.


In addition to incumbent Ami Bera, several other Indian-Americans have a much greater chance of winning the election to the US House of Representatives and prominent among them being Raja Krishnamurthy from Chicago, Pramila Jayapal from Washington State and Ro Khanna from the Silicon Valley.


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