Indian Student gets the perfect SAT score


The SAT is a standardized test required by many US colleges and universities as part of their admission process. The test features lots of sections and each section is given stipulated time and duration. 

It is always hard to get the desired score. But an Indian student in UAE has scored a perfect 2400/2400 in the Scholastic Aptitude Test exams. And the student is just 15 years old. The young guy is named Sanchit Kapoor and he has already represented UAE at the World Youth Scrabble Championships (WYSC) for the last four years. 

As per reports from the Gulf news, he is one among the top 0.5% of 1.8 Million students. Regarding this, a Dubai based educational consultant says, "Usually around 400 students achieve the perfect score. 

Out of 75% only 10% of students, make it to Harvard University. But this is something phenomenal." Regarding this perfect score, Kapoor said, "I know I did well. But I never expected this score. It is indeed a pleasant surprise."

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