Fans speculating affair between Vijay and Trisha ?

There are a lot of rumours regarding relationships between performers in the film industry. New actors who are spotted together off-screen experience this. However, a fascinating conjecture has just surdata-faced. It is also surprising that there is this unsubstantiated rumour. For unknown reasons, fans and some others are speculating about an affair between actress trisha and tamil actor Vijay. Keerthy suresh is allegedly being involved in the affair by others. This sounds rather strange. They are guessing that Vijay had an affair with Keerthy suresh in addition to Trisha.
Vijay kept his marriage for a long time. trisha never participated in rumours about romantic relationships or extramarital encounters. She once decided against getting married and resumed her playing career in the movies. However, her birthday message to Vijay, who turned 50 on june 22, has also generated a lot of discussion on social media. They both recently starred in lokesh Kanagaraj's film Leo. To everyone's surprise, Vijay even had a kiss with trisha throughout the movie. Keerthy suresh also expressed a wish on his birthday, however she was also included in this unfounded allegation.
Following Trisha's remark, followers quickly referred to her earlier postings in which she discussed Vijay. Fans even thought that she went various places with Vijay. All of them are conjectures, though, and nobody can verify if they are accurate. Ironically, Vijay was never involved in these allegations, yet it seems odd to associate him with trisha and Keerthy Suresh. Even allegations about Vijay and his wife's present relationship state surdata-faced. However, since announcing the formation of TVK, his political organisation, he has been rather active.

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