Alia Bhatt:Reminiscing childhood memories


Alia Bhatt: alia has never been a good reader, said- my daughter Rhea hugs books to sleep

Actress alia bhatt says that she reads three, sometimes four books to her younger daughter Rhea every day, which is very different from her childhood when her parents and sister would stuff books in her data-face, but there was no special success.

Bollywood's cute and beautiful actress alia bhatt has won everyone's heart by acting brilliantly in many films. Now Alia has become a writer along with being an actress. Alia's first book 'Ed Finds a Home' has been launched. In an interview held during the book launch ceremony, alia spoke openly about her new book and her cute daughter Rhea.

Reminiscing childhood memories

Alia said, "Every day I read books to my daughter Rhea three or four times." alia bhatt recalled her childhood memories and said, "As a child, I did not like reading books much and I used to spend most of my time looking out of the window and daydreaming." In a way, Alia's book 'Ed Finds a Home' is dedicated to her 19-month-old daughter Rhea Kapoor.

Raha loves books

"I read a book to Raha every day, every afternoon, every night. We read not one, not two, but three books, and sometimes even four books. She (Raha) loves her books. She sleeps hugging her books. She loves her books very much." In a way, little Raha has brought her motherAlia closer to books. alia says that her mother Soni Razdan and sister shaheen bhatt tried very hard to introduce her to the world of books.

Alia was not a good reader

"I was not a very good reader in my childhood. It was my sister, who has been a very good reader, who used to sit in her bathroom and read Harry Potter books till late at night and I remember mother and my sister used to wave books in my data-face throughout the day. They used to say 'Alia, read, read.'"

Alia's book 'Ed Finds a Home' costs just Rs 299. alia bhatt will soon be seen in the film 'Love and War'. Apart from this, alia will also be a part of a spy film. Alia will also be seen in director Vasan Bala's film 'Jigra'. Apart from this, alia will also be an important part of the film 'Brahmastra 2'.

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