May 31st – Explosive Date, But Theatre Owners Doubt It

S Venkateshwari
Many telugu films are set to release on May 31st, including Vishwaksen's Gangs of Godavari, Karthikeya's Bhaje Vaayu Vegam, Sudheer Babu's Harom Hara, Kajal Aggarwal's Satyabhama, and anand Devarakonda's Gam Gam Ganesha. While tollywood producers prepare for this conflict, it appears that theatre owners are not pleased.
First, theatre owners are concerned that this is not a good moment for them. This is because the exit polls for the andhra pradesh state elections will be issued on june 1st, and the results will be announced on june 4th. people could be too preoccupied with election updates and discussing the results to go to the cinema.

On the other side, releasing many films on the same day makes it difficult for each film to succeed. According to a few theatre owners, it will result in fewer ticket sales and financial troubles. To make matters worse, people have been staying away from films lately, making it even more difficult for cinemas to generate money, which is why several single screens in telangana have been closed for a week already.
On that topic, it's tough to predict how many of these films will be successful, but cinema owners hope they'll bring in more business.

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