There is no happy ending in Pakistani serials!

Sekar Chandra
There is no happy ending in Pakistani serials!

Shagufta Yasmin said, indian serials often end with a happy ending. But this does not happen in Pakistani dramas. Here selfishness is shown. Like there is a Pakistani serial in which the story of husband-wife is shown. 'The wife is very beautiful. After love marriage, both are living in a middle class apartment. But everyone told the wife that she should have married into a very rich family. If you are so beautiful, you would have found many rich boys. All this got so deeply ingrained in the woman's mind that one day she meets a rich boy and falls in love. Then one day she leaves her husband and child and runs away with her lover.

'After some time, the girl comes to know that the boy is married and the boy does not have anything of his own. His house, car and company all belong to his wife. Now the girl files a case of fraud against the boy and sends him to jail and goes to her old husband but her husband clearly refuses to accept her. The girl apologizes but the husband is so selfish that he does not listen to her. In such a situation, that girl is no longer anywhere. After some time, her husband makes great progress in his small job and becomes rich but still does not accept the cheating wife. One day her husband had a heart attack and died.

Yasmin says that in this way it was shown in the Pakistani serial how selfish the husband was. Once the wife cheated on him, he did not accept her again, no matter how much the wife apologized. If a similar serial was made in india then a happy ending would be shown here. In the end of the indian serial, it was shown that both of them came together again and started their new life. There is suspense till the end in Pakistani serials.

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