So isn't it mud? Oreo Biscuits Used in Manjummal Boys Climax - Why?

So isn't it mud? Oreo Biscuits Used in Manjummal Boys Climax - Why?

Oreo biscuits were used to shoot the climax scene of the malayalam mass hit movie Manjummal Boys.Manjummal Boys is one of the mass hit films released this year in malayalam film industry. The film was based on the true incident of Guna Cave in Kodaikanal. The film was directed by Chidambaram. The film featured a star cast including Srinath Basi and Chelabin Shabbir. The film hit the screens last February.

Director Chidambaram

As the plot of the film revolves around the Guna Cave in Kodaikanal, most of the scenes are shot in Tamil. Due to this, Manjummal Boys movie was released in tamil Nadu as well. The film collected more than Rs.200 crores worldwide and collected more than Rs.50 crores in tamil Nadu alone.

Manjummel boys movie secret

Following the mass success of the film Manjummal Boys, the entire tamil film industry celebrated the team with a wave of applause. Many actors including Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Dhanush, Vikram, Udhayanidhi Stalin, simbu personally called and expressed their appreciation. In this situation, director Chidambaram shared a surprising information about the climax scene of the film.

Actor Sreenath Bhasi

Accordingly, the climax of Manjummal Boys is the biggest plus. On the one hand, the kanmani Anbodu Valandan song featured in it, on the other hand, the contribution of the actors who acted in it is the main reason. Especially in the climax, when Srinath Pasi who played Subhas is rescued, he is covered in blood and mud.

Manjummel Boys climax

Although it looked realistic, Srinath's body was covered in moss, but it was not real mud. director Chidambaram says he used Oreo biscuit cream instead. Selabin Shabir, who acted with Srinath in that scene, was shocked to hear this information. makeup artist Ronex Xavier showed it so realistically. Apart from that, director Chidambaram has said that while acting in that scene, Srinath Pasi was bitten by an ant on his body and he endured the pain.

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