Shoaib Ibrahim's son Ruhaan said 'Abba' for the first time!!!

Shoaib Ibrahim's son Ruhaan said 'Abba' for the first time!!!

Deepika Kakkar Ibrahim and shoaib ibrahim are spending time with each other these days. Both had gone to visit mumbai with their son. Apart from this, also went on a trip with the family. During this trip he also played many games. Shoaib and deepika had promised to give gifts to all the children who won in the games.

Shoaib's special moment

Now recently he took all the children of the house to the mall and took them shopping there. During this time his son Ruhaan was also with him. deepika and Shoaib enjoyed this outing a lot. A special bond was also seen between Shoaib and Ruhaan. Shoaib's son was also seen kissing himself after looking at himself in the mirror. During this, a special moment was captured for Shoaib.

Ruhaan said Abba

Actually, Shoaib was playing with Ruhaan and was repeatedly telling Ruhaan to say 'Abba'. So at first Ruhaan does not say anything and then suddenly he says Abba. Shoaib becomes very happy after hearing this. He takes Ruhaan in his lap and starts kissing him. Shoaib says- I cannot describe this feeling. I probably never felt like this in my life. Then Shoaib tells deepika that today Ruhaan called me Proper Abba. Hearing this, deepika smiles and says what's the matter. After this everyone becomes very happy seeing Ruhaan's expression. Ruhaan was born on 21 june 2023. Ruhaan will turn one year old in a month. In the vlog, Shoaib was also seen talking about Ruhaan's birth with his family. Let us tell you that this happened a day after Ruhaan Shoaib's birthday.

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