The hard work done in the trailer is visible!!!


The hard work done in the trailer is visible!!!

Kartik Aryan, who plays chandu in the trailer, really carries the body language of a champion. Also, his transformation was visible in the poster released before the trailer launch. Before this, whatever roles he did were of chocolate boy. Therefore, Karthik's appearance in such a form shows what sacrifices he might have made to prepare himself. He had told that he worked like a machine for this role. Apart from this, Karthik's journey from youth to old age has also been depicted very minutely.

Apart from this, in the trailer, Chandu's life has been shown like a book, in which everything from the proper intro to its climax has been decided in such a way that every page of that book becomes interesting. This dialogue from the film says it all, "Whatever transaction I had with God, it was not in his plan to kill me like this." That day I decided that I will live and I will fight as much as I have to fight for it. He would turn back every teasing laugh and say, "Who is laughing?"

Kabir Khan's hard work is also visible

Kabir Khan has given big hits and good films like Sultan, Kabul Express, Ek Tha Tiger, New York, Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Looking at the trailer, it seems that after a long time, kabir khan is going to give a big hit again. The film is based on real life. Therefore, no stone was left unturned in showcasing the history as well.

The trailer also tells about the India-Pakistan war of 1965 and the situation in india at that time. It is heard in the voice over, “The story of Murlikant Petkar is the story of independent India. The situation was such that whether the country would be able to survive or not? But india fights against every situation. This dialogue narrates the story of then Hindustan and chandu while comparing it.

The essence of this dialogue is that just as Hindustan survived and today's india was formed, chandu survived and became the champion. What has been told about the situation at that time in the film, we can understand it with a small example - In 1964, india had a shortage of wheat for food, to fulfill which America had announced that every year will give 6 lakh tonnes of wheat. But just one year later, after the India-Pakistan war, America starts putting pressure on India. Which the country refuses to accept and the result is that America refuses to give wheat. In such a situation, the country does not bow down and after the advent of Green Revolution in the year 1968, it is successful in increasing the wheat production in the country every year and today it is so successful that today india is at second place in the world in wheat production.

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