Where will Aarti Singh spend her honeymoon?

Where will Aarti Singh spend her honeymoon? 

Bigg Boss 13 fame Aarti Singh is currently creating a lot of buzz about her marriage. The actress is soon going to take seven vows with her boyfriend deepak Chauhan. At present, the pre-wedding functions of Aarti are going on. Aarti's Haldi ceremony took place on 22nd April. Last night, the actress had a sangeet night in which there was a lot of fun. Aarti Singh is going to tie the knot with deepak Chauhan on 25th april after the pre-wedding function. Meanwhile, Aarti has also revealed her honeymoon plans before marriage.

Where will Aarti Singh go for their honeymoon?

The actress has said where is she going to go for her honeymoon with deepak after marriage. While talking to ETimes, Aarti said that - Right now we do not have any plans for Hameenoom because I have just shifted to the new house, so right now I have to decorate it only. I have to decorate my house and spend time there only. I will drink something else.

Will Aarti take a break from work after marriage?

On the question of taking a break from work after marriage, Aarti replied that she would not take any break from work because deepak likes to see her work. The actress said- I am not going to take any break after marriage. Whenever I get a good project, I will accept it. I don't want to say that I will take a break because after saying this, there is a very long break. I am ready to work if anything good comes.

Deepak Chauhan is proud of Aarti

Aarti further said that deepak likes to see her working, he motivates and pushes her. The actress said that- He always says that he is proud of me because I have worked very hard to make my name. He likes the quality that I am hardworking.

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