Goundamani's daughter's silent rescue.. a moving act.

Goundamani's daughter's silent rescue.. a moving act.

Goundamani's daughter Sumitra's photo is going viral. sumitra has grabbed everyone's attention with her act matter how many comedians there are in tamil cinema, there are only a few who hold a place in the minds of the fans. Kaundamani is famous for his timing comedy and fake comedy. Goundamani and Senthil, who became tamil cinema's leading comedy actors, are still enjoying the comedy scenes. Even today many of Kaundamani's verses can be seen in memes videos and trolls. In the 80s, they were PC to the extent that there was no film in which Kaundamani Senthil was not co-starring. Although Goundamani acted in many films in the 90s, he reduced his acting in films in the 2000s.

He got the name Counter Goundamani because he spoke in a way to counter the opponent in the performance. Later it became Countamani. Kaundamani thought that film life is different and personal family life is different and did not show his family in the media. Kaundamani married Shanthi and had daughters Selvi and Sumitra.


In this situation, the photo of Goundamani's daughter sumitra is going viral on the internet. sumitra has grabbed everyone's attention with her act. Yes. sumitra has been doing many things for the Adyar cancer Sanctuary in Chennai. sumitra and her husband Venkatachalam quietly help the economically disadvantaged cancer patients. It is said that every month, the couple is providing necessary assistance to the elderly and children who are battling cancer.


However, the couple, who avoid the media limelight, do not want their name to come out and have been involved in this charity work for years. They are helping them without expecting anything in return. In today's era of seeking fame by posting any help on social media, the daughter and son-in-law of the county are being praised for this action.

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