Indian film entered Cannes Film Festival, opportunity after 30 years

Indian film entered Cannes Film festival, opportunity after 30 years…

Like every year, this time too Cannes Film festival is going to be organized in france which will run from 14th May to 25th May. This time's Cannes is going to be very special for every indian because after 30 years, an indian film has made its place in the Cannes Film Festival.

Indian films entered in Cannes Film Festival

The name of this film is 'All We Imagine is Light', which is directed by Payal Kapadia. Payal Kapadia has brought glory to the country because, after three decades, indians have got this golden opportunity. Let us tell you that this was announced during a press conference held in paris on april 11. Earlier, the 1994 indian film 'Swaham', which was directed by Shaji N Karun, had got a chance at Cannes. However, this is not the first time that Payal Kapadia's film has been selected for Cannes. Earlier, Payal Kapadia's documentary 'A Night of Knowing Nothing won the Oeil d'Or (Golden Eye) Award at the Cannes Film festival in 2021.

How is the story of the film?

Talking about 'All We Imagine as Light', the film depicts the story of a nurse named Prabha, who receives a gift from her husband after many years. Prabha does not have good relations with her husband and lives separately from her husband. In such a situation, Prabha becomes a little uncomfortable with the gift she receives from her husband after a long time. One day Prabha and her roommate go on a trip, where their whole life changes. Let us tell you that the Cannes Film festival, which has been running for the last 77 years, has been showcasing cinema from all over the world.

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