Vivek Daughter Wedding: Late actor Vivek's daughter Tejaswini's wedding was very simple!

Vivek Daughter Wedding: Late actor Vivek's daughter Tejaswini's wedding was very simple!


Late actor, Vivek's daughter got married in a very simple manner yesterday, and now the photos

are going viral on social media.

Along with comedy in tamil cinema, comedian vivek has planted social ideas in the minds of

fans. Actor Vivek, who was introduced to the film industry by director Balasandar, who

introduced many screen giants including Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, was involved in

comedy with many leading actors in the 90s. He has worked with all leading actors like Ajith,

Vijay, Rajini, Kamal, Sarathkumar, Vijayakanth.

After Kalaivanar, he is popular among the people for telling comedies with opinions, so he is

also known as Little Kalaivanar among the fans.

Apart from the film industry, vivek is also very interested in social work. ABJ Abdul Kalam was

an ardent devotee. So taking his words as scriptures... planting 1 crore trees as his life goal, he

made it a habit to plant trees whenever he had time for the prosperity of our land. He also used

to encourage fans by saying the need to plant trees wherever he went.

In this case, actor vivek died on april 17, 2021, after being hospitalized due to a sudden heart

attack. His loss shocked not only the fans but also the film industry as a whole.

Now actor Vivek's eldest daughter tejaswini got married simply at her father's

house yesterday. Tejaswini – Married to Seeranjeevi Bharat. Those who attended their

weddings were given saplings, herbaceous plants, etc. to promote the principle of Vivek.

Both the bride and groom planted plants after the wedding. At their wedding. Only close family

and friends attended.

But the wedding reception held the day before the wedding...was very grand. It is noteworthy

that a large number of film industry people have attended and congratulated Vivek's daughter


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