Ranbir Kapoor stood 'headlong' for 'Ramayana


Ranbir Kapoor stood 'headlong' for 'Ramayana'!!!

Playing the character of Lord ram on screen is not for everyone. Living Maryada Purushottam is a great thing in itself. To become ram, actors have to sacrifice many things. Now bollywood star ranbir kapoor has done something similar. ranbir kapoor is going to play the role of Shri ram in 'Ramayana' to be made under the direction of Nitish Tiwari.

ranbir kapoor standing 'headlong' for Ramayana

There is an amazing buzz among the fans regarding this film. Fans are very excited to see their favorite star as Lord Ram. Ranbir is also working hard to mold himself into this character. Ranbir is also taking special training for the film. Some pictures of Animal Star have surdata-faced on social media where he is seen doing a headstand.

Ranbir's trainer has shared these pictures on his instagram account. In the photos, Ranbir is seen standing on his head. It is said that the actor is doing all this to fit into his character.

Ranbir gave up non-veg to become ram on-screen

According to a report in india Today, ranbir kapoor is completely engrossed in this character. To play the role of ram, he has also changed his lifestyle. According to sources, the actor has given up non-veg to feel pure like Shri Ram. He has become a complete vegetarian. Not only this, the actor has also stopped going to late-night parties. He is rehearsing for his role for hours.

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