Shoaib Ibrahim celebrated 'mother-in-law's' birthday


Shoaib Ibrahim celebrated 'mother-in-law's' birthday!!!

When tv actress deepika Kakkar married shoaib ibrahim, a Muslim, she was trolled a lot. Some people still say negative things about him on social media. No one can deny that deepika is not happy marrying Shoaib. Shoaib not only takes care of deepika but also respects her parents.

shoaib ibrahim recently celebrated his mother-in-law's birthday. He has shared its vlog on his YouTube channel. people have praised Shoaib a lot. Shoaib has also been called a perfect family man.

shoaib ibrahim celebrated his mother-in-law's birthday

During Corona, shoaib ibrahim created a YouTube channel on which he gave his daily updates to his fans. These days, the month of Ramadan is going on and he made a vlog on it. In this vlog, it was seen that shoaib ibrahim was celebrating his mother-in-law's birthday. During this, Shoaib's entire family wished Deepika's mother on her birthday. In the video, you can see how Shoaib takes care of his family and Deepika's family. Many of his fans also praised him a lot for this. The fans also wished Deepika's mother on her birthday.

One fan wrote, 'Shoaib Bhai, your family is very lovely and even more Ruhaan is so cute Mashallah, may Allah protect him from evil eyes, my son is also like this.' A fan wrote, 'The whole family is together on every occasion, I hope you all stay together.' One fan wrote, 'Shoaib Bhai, you are a perfect family man, you know how to take care of everyone.'

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