Ajith Illaiyaraja movie! Illayaraja composing music for Ajith’s movie

Ajithkumar : Illayaraja music is the only film in which ajith acted as the hero and who directed it?

Even though actor ajith kumar has been acting in the tamil film industry for over 30 years, ilayaraja has composed music for only one film in which he played the hero.

Ilayaraja has been running a music kingdom in tamil cinema for over 45 years. There can be no one who is not addicted to his music. ilayaraja has bound everyone with his music to such an extent. Musician ilayaraja became a music composer who was in such high demand that only if ilayaraja composed the music, the film would sell.

Ilaiyaraaja Biopic

Even though he is now 80 years old, ilayaraja is still working as a PC. He has the second part of Vetrimaran's Vithuthya in his hand. Apart from this, a biopic is also being made focusing on Ilayaraja's life. dhanush plays ilayaraja in this. Musician is going to compose the music for this film as well.


Rajini, Vijay, Kamal and ajith are the leading mass actors in tamil film industry. Among them, ilayaraja has composed music for many films starring Rajini, Vijay and Kamal. But ilayaraja has never worked extensively with actor ajith alone. Although actor ajith has been playing the hero for over 30 years, ilayaraja has composed music for only one film in which he played the lead role.

Ramesh Khanna

That film will continue. This 1999 film is the only film in which ilayaraja and ajith worked together. The film is directed by actor and director Ramesh Khanna. It was through this film that Ramesh Khanna made his debut as a director. Before that, Ramesh Khanna was working as an assistant director to KS Ravikumar. Ramesh Khanna is directing Ajith's sequel when he worked as an assistant director in Padayappa.

Ajith Ilaiyaraaja movie

Last year in 1995, ajith had acted in a film in the music of Ilayaraja. That picture is in the eyes of the king. ajith was not the solo hero in this film, Vijay also co-starred with him. The follow-up film was a treat for the fans who were longing to see if ajith would play the solo hero in Ilayaraja's music. But it is noteworthy that they did not meet again for 25 years after the film

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