Priyanka Chopra to turn narrator for Disneynature's upcoming film 'Tiger'

Global icon priyanka chopra is all set to become a narrator for Disneynature’s upcoming film Tiger. The film talks about the intriguing world of one of our planet’s most loved creatures. The story will revolve around Ambar, who’s a young tigress taking care of her cubs in the dense and legendary forests of India. Expressing her enthusiasm, priyanka shared that this is a story that would resonate with every mother.

Priyanka shared, “It’s just wonderful to be able to be a part of something so special and to tell the story of this magnificent animal that comes from my country I was very honored.” Speaking about the relatability of the narrative, she added, “I have always loved tigers, and I feel a kinship with the female tiger I feel very protective of my family. Ambar’s journey is something I think every mom would really relate to.”

As per a press release by Disney, the film talks about “the cubs curious, rambunctious, and at times a bit clumsy have a lot to learn from their savvy mother, who will do all she can to keep them safe from pythons, bears, and marauding male tigers.” Disneynature’s upcoming film tiger will be releasing on Disney+ Hotstar on Earth Day, april 22, 2024. The film is being helmed by Mark Linfield, co-directed by Vanessa Berlowitz and Rob Sullivan, and produced by Linfield, Berlowitz, and Roy Conli.

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