Bailwan Ranganathan, is becoming popular by speaking without shortage of controversy

Is this why actors and actresses flock to Isha yoga Centre? The student who broke the truth!

Bailwan Ranganathan, who is becoming popular by speaking without shortage of controversy and releasing videos, is the reason why actors and actresses often go to Isha yoga Center? He has talked about that.

Isha yoga Center located in coimbatore is very popular among spiritualists. It is managed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, where more than 100 people come and go every day.

Isha Yoga

There are many celebrities who come and go to Isha yoga Center very casually like the general public without any pomp or excitement. Especially on maha Shivratri, many celebrities like actress Tamannaah, amala Pal, pooja hegde, Santhanam, shankar Mahadevan, Kajal Aggarwal, etc. make it a habit to come every year.

This year also on maha Shivratri, actresses Tamannaah, pooja hegde and santhanam participated in the dawn pujas and the pictures taken went viral. Apart from actors and actresses, various politicians also participated in the Shivratri Puja held at Isha yoga Centre.

Actor and journalist Bailwan Ranganathan has spoken in an interview about celebrities and politicians coming to Isha yoga Center. In it, he said, "I always look for things where there is a lot of rawness." I went to Isha yoga Center to see if I could get something like that. But I got nothing like that. Instead I got a positive vibe.

Bayilvan Ranganathan

No matter how much money, possessions, etc. one accumulates, peace is very important to man. He said that I know that many actors and actresses come to Isha yoga Center in search of that relief.

Many people are surprised to see that Bailwan, who always talks about something sensational and buys it from many people, has spoken like this. It is noteworthy that many social activists continue to rage that the Isha yoga Center has destroyed several acres of forest and questioned the livelihood of wild animals.

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