Lover 35 Days: 'Lal Salaam' was washed out before 'Lover'!

The film team announced that the movie Lover, which was released in the lead role of Manikandan, is being celebrated by the fans in various theaters till now.

Actor Manikandan continues to choose realistic stories and give successful films. After the success of 'Good Night', Manikandan's next film 'Lover' was produced by Million Dollar Studios and MRB Entertainments, which produced the film.

Aishwarya Rajinikanth's 'Lal Salaam', directed by cricket, was released on february 9, when 'Lover' was released. On the first day, the crowd flocked towards Lal Salam and the positive reviews received by 'Lover' turned the attention of the fans towards the film.

This movie 'Lover' which has slowly picked up, even after 'Lal Salaam' was a total wash out from the theatres, is a film celebrated by the fans in many theatres. The team has released a new poster and announced that it has successfully completed 35 days.

The film is based on love and talks about problems in relationships from a new angle. The film is directed by debutant director Prabhuram Vyas and has Srikelari priya as the heroine. Sean Roldan has composed the music for the film. This is a great example of how no matter how big the actor's film is released, great work never fails to stay in the minds of the fans.

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