50 crores for the 6th film! Kollywood hitman Lokesh Kanagaraj

Lokesh kanagaraj, who is a leading director in kollywood, is celebrating his 38th birthday today, let's see about his net worth.

Lokesh Kanagaraj

In tamil cinema, mostly actors have the biggest fan base. Similarly, some composers have a lot of popularity among fans. But apart from all these, it is seen as something surprising to have a separate fan base for film directors. You can count the number of directors who have made a special place for themselves in people's minds. Topping the list is lokesh Kanagaraj.

Vijay, lokesh Kanagaraj

Lokesh kanagaraj, who learned about the film industry only by watching Kamal's films, without working as an assistant director for anyone, without any experience in cinema, entered the cinema by directing a short film. lokesh kanagaraj, who entered the tamil cinema unknown, has become a symbol of tamil cinema today.

Lokesh kanagaraj and Ulaga Nayagan Kamalhaasan

Lokesh Kanagaraj's phenomenal growth is due to his individuality. The culture of shooting and publishing more than one film in the same universe originated only in Hollywood. lokesh surprised by introducing that universe concept to kollywood through his films. Loki created the lokesh Cinematic Universe by connecting karthi starrer Kaithi with Vikram.

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