Arbaaz Khan maintains professionalism on set with Salman Khan, while working with him


salman khan is one of the highest-paid actors in India. This fact is not a new one. Did you know he is also the first choice in his home productions, run by his brothers arbaaz khan and Sohail Khan. Recently, it was disclosed that salman khan gets paid more in his home productions. Wondering why? Let us explain. In a recent interview, Arbaaz stated the importance of maintaining professionalism on set with salman khan, while working with him. Arbaaz mentioned that when it comes to finances, they pay salman according to his current market value. They often surpass his market value, which helps elevate his asking price for future projects. “When working with us, we ensure he receives the same compensation as his current market rate. We’ve consistently offered him the highest payment he’s received for any of his films,” Arbaaz explained. He cited examples from the dabangg series, where they paid salman more than his market rate, setting a new benchmark for his subsequent projects.

Arbaaz said that he ensures salman receives the respect he deserves as a superstar. Arbaaz stressed the need to avoid taking advantage of Salman’s familial relationship, ensuring he does not feel obligated to work extra or arrive early due to being his brother. They aim to treat salman with the same respect and professionalism as any other actor on set. arbaaz khan acknowledges that on set, salman khan is not just their brother but a professional actor, deserving equal treatment. Arbaaz mentioned that although he may have some leeway with salman, it doesn’t give him the freedom to disregard the star’s requests. “I might have some room to manoeuvre, but it’s not fair to ignore his demands,” he remarked. He explained the importance of maintaining integrity and professionalism in their working relationship.

“He brings immense value to the projects, so he deserves it. It’s not like it’s coming out of my pocket. He’s a superstar, and there’s a financial aspect involved, so he rightfully receives that compensation. This is how his asking price has also risen. It’s important to acknowledge and respect people’s worth,” Arbaaz remarked. salman khan has collaborated with Arbaaz’s production company on the dabangg series.

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