Why did you dance at Ambani's place, Aamir Khan answered?


Bollywood actor aamir khan is currently busy promoting his production film 'Laapta Ladies'. After 'Dhobi Ghat', now Aamir Khan's ex-wife kiran rao has made the film 'Missing Ladies'. Since the release of the film, it is being discussed everywhere. Recently, during the promotion of the film on instagram Live, the actor did something which shocked people. This video of the actor is now becoming increasingly viral on Instagram.

Something like this happened in the viral video

This video going viral is of instagram Live done by Aamir Khan. The actor did this live session from the page of his production house. In this live session, the actor is seen answering fans' questions related to 'Missing Ladies'. During this entire live session, the actor was caught smoking a pipe in his hand. Further in the video, the actor can be seen answering all the questions of the fans while smoking a pipe. In the video, the fan asked a personal question to the actor. The question was that Aamir did not dance at his daughter's wedding but danced a lot at Ambani's place. Responding to this, the actor said- 'I danced in my daughter's wedding also. Ambani family is very close to me. They all dance at my wedding and I dance at their wedding. 'Apart from this, a fan asked the actor a question - 'Why don't you make films like Pathan'. Responding to this, aamir khan said - 'Shahrukh is making good films like Pathan, so you see that.' 'I make films like Lapata Ladies, you watch that'.

Request to play good movies

Along with this, aamir khan told the people - 'They should support good films and newcomers. I have also done something similar in the film 'Laapta Ladies'. people believe that only action films are good. but it's not like that. While lighting his pipe, Aamir said, 'If you like a film which does not have stars, then you should support it. With this, aamir khan ended the video by promising fans a live session again on his birthday. As soon as this video ended, people started trolling aamir khan by saying that the pipe in his hand is expensive but like us, Aamir also uses a lighter worth Rs 10. Let us tell you that even before this, in the year 2023, aamir khan was spotted with a similar lighter worth Rs 10.

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