Manjummel Boys has attracted fans of all languages

The Reason for World war Hidden in the Story - Celebrity Shared Information!

Manjummel Boys & World war : Manjummel Boys is not an exaggeration among the films released this year, which has become a film that has attracted fans of all languages.

But a YouTube celebrity has created a sensation by saying that there is a huge thing hidden in this Manjumel Boys movie and it has the potential to cause a world war. It is worth noting that all the following comments were posted by the YouTube celebrity in a video posted by him.

What is the plot of Manjumel Boys?

Some friends who have studied together since their school days want to go on a trip when they become adults. It's a budget trip too, and as befits a small vehicle, they go to a place that doesn't cost much. There, as usual, the pranks of friends do everything.

At the end a friend falls into the Guna Cave, they make many attempts to save the friend, and finally one of them descends into the cave and rescues the friend. This is the story of Manjumel Boys. Well, if we see that there is going to be a world war, that's where the famous Youtuber makes a comment.

In this film, some friends spend time happily together. But in this changing era, if some friends like this get together and celebrate their time happily, times are changing to such an extent that we think of them as "gay", he said.

That is, what we enjoyed the most in the movie Manjumel Boys is the depth of friendship between the male friends. But these days, if two men walk hand in hand together, people call them gay, and many countries support this, he said in his post.

Citing the recent announcement of a gay prime minister in France, he alleged that many Western countries are engaging in such activities to foster such a culture and significantly reduce the world's population.

He also said that the sentimental enjoyment of friends walking hand in hand like the Manjumel Boys will die out with our generation. It is against these things that the Russian prime minister Putin spoke for about an hour in a video that he released a few weeks ago. The Youtuber has also said that there are attempts to change the "biological" system of the world, so he is ready to fight against them in any country.

Now, when Manjumel Boys is made 20 years later, it is not surprising that instead of ten friends, ten gay men went on a trip together. Globally, men and women are being turned gay without realizing the dangers involved.

Western culture is helping it, which is why Putin is so angry, he has said, that there is a chance of a world war.

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