A video of actress Sunaina meditating sitting inside a tub filled with ice cubes is going viral

Sunaina started her career as a model and later turned into an actress. She made her debut in telugu with the film 'Kumar Vs Kumari', but no one gave her a chance to be a heroine in the film, and she was promoted as a heroine only after proving her talent by acting in small roles.

After telugu, Sunaina got an opportunity to act as a heroine in Tamil. Accordingly, in the year 2008, director B.V. She acted opposite nakul in the psychological thriller film 'Kadhalil vilunthen' directed by Prasad. Her first film was well received by fans from all walks of life.

Nakul - Sunaina's chemistry impressed the fans, and the couple teamed up for the second time in 'Maasilamani'. Rumors were rife that both of them were in love during the filming of this film. After this film, the two did not act together.

Sunaina, who has been struggling to find a stable place in tamil cinema till now, has been choosing and acting in characters that give more importance to the story for the past two years. In that way, she last acted as the heroine of the story in the film 'Regina'. Sunaina's highly anticipated film was a flop. Apart from movies, she is focusing on some web series as well.

No matter how busy she is. Sunaina who has been paying extra attention to her fitness has now surprised everyone by posting a video of doing ice meditation. It's common for celebrities to take ice baths to strengthen the nerves and muscles in the body and relieve body pains, but actress Sunaina has done ice meditation.

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