Anuj got jealous after seeing Anupama's closeness with Yashdeep


A lot of drama will be seen in Monday's episode of Anupam. At the beginning of the episode, when Toshu leaves for work, Anupama feeds him curd and sugar and tells him to focus on work. After this Anupama goes to work and meets Anuj there, after which Anupama gets busy in her work.

Anupama got injured in her leg

Anupama gets injured in her leg while working. Seeing this, Anuj's condition worsens. But he is not able to take care of Anupama. Then Anupama's boss Yashdeep takes care of Anupama. Tells him to rest. Anuj gets very jealous after seeing this. Anuj does not feel like working. He wants to take care of Anupama. Anuj's heart still beats for Anupama. However, then he remembers Aadhya's words and keeps distance from Anupama.

Actually, Shruti's parents have died. For this reason she has gone to India. That is why Aadhya has also gone with Shruti. However, before leaving, Aadhya clearly told Anuj to stay away from Anupama.

On the other hand, Vanraj has left for America with Ba. Actually, Vanraj wants to give the Shah house to the builder and build a big building there. For this he needs Anupama's signature on the papers. He has gone to America to get Anupama signed. As soon as he goes to America, he will taunt Anupama and will once again create problems in her life.

Vanraj's warning to Dimpy-Pakhi

When Vanraj leaves to go to America, he gives a warning to Pakhi and Dimpy. Vanraj tells her that she will not meet Titu behind his back.

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