Film actor Sunil Shetty reached the court of Lord Mahakal and offered prayers with rituals


Suniel Shetty In Mahakal: suniel shetty reached the court of Mahakal, and said- 'This is the best time in the country'

Film actor sunil shetty reached the court of Lord Mahakal and offered prayers with rituals. He also participated in Bhasma Aarti.


Bollywood actor sunil shetty reached ujjain on friday morning to visit baba Mahakal. Here he was seen with his son Ahan Shetty. Both of them took the blessings of Lord Mahakal and also participated in Bhasma Aarti. sunil shetty was seen engrossed in Shiva's devotion to her son. During this, sunil shetty was seen chanting Om Namah Shivay the whole time in Nandi Hall.

Lots of praise for the arrangements

The actor expressed satisfaction regarding the arrangements of the Mahakaleshwar temple. Pandit ashish Pujari said that after attending the Bhasma Aarti of Lord Mahakal, he also praised the arrangements of the temple committee.

Actors participated in Bhasma Aarti

Sunil Shetty said that 'he felt amazing joy by participating in Bhasma Aarti. They cannot describe Bhasma Aarti in words. He said that when tears come out of the eyes and the whole body starts vibrating during the Aarti, then one feels that Lord shiva is present in person. The aarti of Lord Mahakal gave goosebumps.

Athiya and KL rahul have also visited

Let us tell you that Bhasma Aarti of Lord Mahakal is world-famous and is always considered the center of attraction for shiva devotees. Many big bollywood stars have come here. Actor sunil shetty is also identified as a shiva devotee. In february last year, his daughter athiya shetty and her husband KL rahul, a member of the indian cricket team, had darshan of baba Mahakal.

Anushka-Virat has also taken blessings of Mahakaal

Apart from Athiya and rahul, virat kohli and anushka sharma also had darshan of baba Mahakal in march last year. Both of them had performed Bhasma Aarti and worship of baba Mahakal, many pictures of which had surdata-faced on social media.

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