``Devara'' glimpses date fix.. Sankranthi festival ahead for NTR fans..!?

Two crazy updates from the movie ``Devara'' are going viral. The news about NTR's role and Glimpse's release date goes viral. ntr is currently acting in the film ``Devara''. After the disaster like ``Acharya'', this movie will be made by director koratala Siva. The director took it very ambitiously. That is why they are making it with a huge budget and huge casting. bollywood actor saif ali khan is playing the villain in this. Along with him, bollywood beauty janhvi kapoor will be the heroine. These two are entering Tollywood. Due to this, the scale of the film has increased enormously. Along with this, koratala is going to tell a strong story. This movie is being made raw and rustic. It seems that this movie, which was being shot at a fast pace until recently, has taken a bit of a break. ntr is going on a short trip with his wife and children. Engraved abroad. The latest photos are going viral on social media. christmas and New Year celebrations will be held there.

Meanwhile, there is no update from the movie ``Devara'' till now. Just gave a first look. ntr first look, janhvi kapoor look only. But till now neither glimpses nor teasers have come. With this fans are eagerly waiting for the update. In this context, ram -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW">kalyan ram announced that Glimpse will be released soon. Arrangements are being made for it.

But the latest information is that the date of Glimpse has been fixed. These glimpses are going to be released on the occasion of sankranti festival before the new year. It is said that the date has been fixed on january 8. If this is true, it is no exaggeration to say that ntr fans will come before sankranti festival. This needs to be clarified. Meanwhile, tarak will be seen as a devotee of Gangamma in this movie. It is said that there will be a Gangamma Jatara episode in Interval Bang, which will be the highlight of the movie, and Taraka will be seen as an actor in it. This film is going to be released on april 5 next year. It is known that it will be released in two parts.

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