'Kottukaali' starring Soori got international recognition!?

Produced by Sivakarthikeyan Productions in association with The Little Wave Productions, the Suri-Anna Ben starrer 'Kothukkali' directed by PS Vinodraj of 'Koozhangal' fame has been recognized as the first tamil film to be selected as a world premiere at the prestigious Berlin international Film Festival.

It is a matter of pride for our tamil cinema as a whole that a film is going to get international acclaim and global fame. In that way, the coming year 2024 will definitely be an unforgettable year for the tamil film industry. director PS Vinodraj is taking his directorial film 'Kotdukali' to international audiences. 'Kotdukali' has been selected to be screened at the international Film festival to be held in Berlin in february 2024. 'Kottukali' also gets the honor of being the first tamil film to be screened at this festival. Produced by Sivakarthikeyan Productions, this glorious film is directed by P.S. Directed by Vinodraj, Suri, Anna Ben and others have given their talented performances.

For a film to be selected for the Berlin international Film festival, it is a great sign of pride for the entire film industry worldwide. producer Sivakarthikeyan says, “Sivakarthikeyan Productions works to inspire promising talent and make their dreams come true. Fortunately, I was surrounded by talented people who were passionate about the industry. Our production company looks forward to creating unique stories that recognize human emotions that everyone can relate to across language and regional barriers. director B.S. We are proud and happy to have produced such a wonderful piece of work given by Vinodraj. The Berlin international Film festival is a dream destination for everyone in the world of cinema. And it will be a proud memory that we will never forget in the years to come.”

'Kotdukali' film by P.S. Directed by Vinodraj, the film is produced by actor Sivakarthikeyan's Sivakarthikeyan Productions along with co-producers Kalai Govt and The Little Wave Productions. Cinematography by B. shakti Vel, Cinematography by Ganesh Siva, Suren G & S. The film also features sound design by Abhyaya Koothan, sound synchronization by Raghav Ramesh and excellent contributions by other technicians.

And Sivakarthikeyan said in a statement released by Sivakarthikeyan to convey this happy news... We are very happy to inform our dear ones that Kottukali produced by our Sivakarthikeyan Productions has been selected in the World Films category at the 74th Berlin international Film Festival.

My heartfelt love, happiness and appreciation to director PS Vinod raj who has directed this movie in a world class manner and to Suri Annaben and the entire crew. We are extremely happy that our Kottukkali is the first tamil film to be selected for an exclusive screening at the Berlin international Film Festival. Sivakarthikeyan said with love that all the glory goes to you, my dear fans, who have given inspiration to make such a proud work and to take it to the international arena.

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