Bobby Deol talked about different shades of Abrar, his character from ‘Animal’..!!!

Sandeep reddy Vanga’s latest film, Animal, is one of the most talked about films of the year. Featuring ranbir kapoor, rashmika mandanna, bobby deol and anil kapoor in prominent roles, the film has become a massive hit at the box office. However, in true sandeep Reddy Vanga fashion, the film has also created quite a controversy for its rather triggering scenes, involving both ranbir kapoor and bobby Deol. However, the actor who essayed Abrar in a 15-minute role revealed that he never looked at himself as the villain of the film.

During an interview with the entertainment portal Zoom, bobby deol shared that his character Abrar had its own set of traumatic incidents that shaped him in a certain way. He said, “I didn’t look at myself as a villain in the film because Abrar loses his grandfather in front of his eyes, who burns himself, and that shock takes away his voice. So, he swears that he’ll avenge his grandfather’s death, and he’s a very family-oriented man. He’s romantic; he has three wives and would kill for his family.”

He further added, “So, that was the thought that was there in my mind while playing it. That’s why when you see the character, you feel for the character, even though he’s supposed to be the antagonist. And I think when we were shooting the fight sequence, even Ranbir said that to me, ‘We don’t know who to sympathize with.’” Explaining why he doesn’t judge his characters, bobby deol cited the example of real life people, "I don’t judge the characters, because there are characters like this that exist in our society, in our world, and I’m just portraying different characters while I’m an actor. So, it’s a challenge because you’re not being yourself; you’re being someone else. I don’t look at the character as I’m trying to prove a point or promote something. I’m playing a character because that’s an actor’s dream to play different characters,” he concluded.

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